The vineyards of the Malca cellar are tucked away at the foothill of the Svrljig
mountains and from there, well sheltered from the harsh winter winds every year
they give us grapes with the most beautiful smells and aromas.
When autumn is well advanced, before the cold rains begin, we store ripe and sweet
grapes in the cellar of Malca and there we produce wines that for people to drink
with joy. These wines carry in themselves the freshness of the mountain air, they
bring the warmth of the summer sun that the grapes incorporated into themselves,
they also bring the joy of the winegrowers in the harvest.
Every drop of this wine will reveal to you a part of the history of the year in which
the grapes were produced. From the soil that once upon a time was under a sea of
vines it makes noises from the conch that you can hear yourself if you just put an
empty glass from which you drank wine to your ear…. Let each one
a drunk glass of these wines will incorporate into you all the best that nature has
created for millions of years in this area.

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