A journey through wine time

Wine houses

At the Malca winery, you can experience a journey through wine time by visiting 4 wine houses that differ in their architecture, the spirit of the times they depict, their wine vessels, and the way they produce wine.

The Roman House

In the Roman House, there are eight buried Georgian amphorae, which are actually the oldest wine vessels used for wine production in 6,000 BC. Today, they are a real rarity in Europe, and the cultivation of wine in them requires special attention and commitment.

Amphoras are made of clay, the inside is coated with beeswax and they are completely buried in the ground. Each of them has a capacity of about 2,000 liters, each one is unique because it is hand-made.

Malca Winery has 8 amphorae, of which four are used for red and four for orange wine

The Nemanjic House

In the Nemanjic House, wine is produced in barrels dating back to 1953, and a part of this wine house is also dedicated to the production of wine in barrique barrels. During the time of Nemanjic, wooden vessels began to be used in wine production, so in this part of the winery, we organized the production of wine of that style. The Nemanjics introduced Serbia to Orthodoxy, so the architecture of this part of the basement was decorated in the spirit of the Orthodox heritage of that time.

The 20th-century Yugoslav house

The Yugoslav house is a winery from the beginning and middle of the XX century with a distillery and concrete.
The distinguishing feature of this winery is concrete tanks with a capacity of 50 and 100 thousand liters, so the total capacity of that part of the winery is 1,000,000 liters. This is a construction method characteristic of that time when there were many vineyards and many wines, and winemakers had the need to build lar capacity wine cellars. The basement is made of concrete. We lined the inside of these tanks with food-grade polyester, so these vessels are successfully used in wine production today. The cellar is dug into the ground up to half its height and maintains a stable temperature for storing wine.

The Contemporary Winery (The Modern House)

Over the centuries, the approach to wine production has changed a lot, better and better equipment has been found that has allowed the grapes, as much as possible, to preserve the characteristics of the climate they bring along and pour them into wine. The equipment at our disposal in a modern winery enables every imaginable technological process to be carried out. Mulching and pressing of grapes take place in a completely aseptic atmosphere without the presence of oxygen. Digital management of fermentation brings ideal conditions for yeasts to work and to preserve the characteristics of the terroir the grapes come from. Preserved varietal characteristics, clean and clear aromas, and a full refreshing taste are something that characterizes the wines produced in this place.
The wines produced at the Contemporary Winery are today „side by side“ with the best world wines in that category, as evidenced by numerous gold medals. These wines also follow the tastes and very high criteria of the modern consumer, which we are particularly proud of.

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